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and Alcohol Training
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Who are we? We are We are owned by experts who have trained thousands of supervisors in substance abuse awareness. And our content shows this level of experience. No freelance writers here. How long? How does 30 years sound? We have also authored expert guides, directed treatment programs, performed business and family interventions for decades, and in short -- done it all. You can preview any of our products in full before purchase. We are the only provider who allows this impressive option. And we offer you a full, one-year, 100% money-back guarantee. Period.
Your Supervisors Learn . . .
  • Techniques for defining and recognizing alcohol and drug using behaviors in the workplace
  • ​ Effects of drug and alcohol use on workplace productivity 
  • ​Categories of drugs of abuse--signs, symptoms of use, effects, and impact on behaviour
  • ​Understanding substance abuse enabling and how to avoid these behaviors 
  • ​Successful intervention techniques for substance abusing employees.. 
  • ​What Supervisors should say and do, and how to say it; what to not say and not do 
  • ​Plenty of handouts and tip sheets, and Certificate of Completion (all reproducible)
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We are located in Charleston, SC. We provide resources for human resource managers, mental health professionals, employee assistance programs, and workforce management professionals concerned with improving productivity, reduce employee behavioral risk, and promoting healthy and happier employees. Since 1994, our programs have been used by thousands of employers.
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